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"The Kubyn and Ghaster attorneys and staff   what a friendly, caring, and yet professional team.They saw me throught the most difficult time of my Life! "
~Andrea Grebe

    " My name is Allan Clark, and I am a single parent of two very wonderful children. Logan is nine years old and Daelin is 5 years old. I can truly say that I have had the wonderul blessing of being in their lives these past two years. None of this would have been possible without the hard work, professionalism, and dedication of Russ Kubyn and his wonderful staff at their law offices.

Two years ago , I needed a strong, competent, and dedicated attorney to represent me. A friend referred me to Russell Kubyn.  I was in the middle of a bitter divorce. My ex-wife against a court order took my kids across state lines to New York. The situation was an abusive situation for my kids, and I needed help.  The well-being of my little kids was at stake. I would do anything for my children to keep them safe and well cared for.

Russ Kubyn has my undying thanks and gratitude
after just 3 short months my kids were back in Ohio, and I got full custody of them.  You can't put a price on the well-being of your chldren. As a single father, I am grateful for each day with my children, and Russ Kubyn is the one who made that all possble for me."

A Grateful Dad from Willoughby, Oh  ~~~


"I didn't have to worry about much, they handled everything."


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